Tuesday 24 January 2017

French Update

This unit of Histoires en action! builds upon the foundation that is established throughout the previous units.The play for this unit is based on an original story, Le bistro des animaux. In this story, the animals are constantly arguing because each believes that s/he is the best.  Louis la grenouille, a character that appeared in a previous story, sees the animals and wants to help. He visits his friend, Alice, to ask her opinion about this dilemma and she suggests that they design a common goal for all the animals.  They decide to invite the animals to be part of a project to build a café where eventually all of them will be able to eat, sing,  and have fun together. Each animal is approached by either Louis or Alice and all think that this is a wonderful idea. Initially, they are not told that the other animals are participating in the project. When they later realize that they are actually working together, the animals begin to consider the important qualities that each has to offer and, instead of fighting over their differences, they begin to appreciate them.
1- We introduced the characters of story (Le bistro des animaux):

Le narrateur
Grand Éléphant
Beau Lion
Madame Souris
Louis la grenouille
Alice l’Alligator.
2- We started a new vocabulary 

 Le / un bistro
l’/un éléphant
la/ une souris
l’/ un alligator
se bat
l’ énergie
le/un câble
la/une cuisine
le/un bol
a l’air de
le/un café
allons-y !
la/une boule

3- We started to read the story (part one)
 I read the play with the whole class (we repeat several times words that I notice are mispronounced by students).
I point to the words as I read them for weaker students to follow.
I stop and ask questions for clarification from time to time. 

You find attached the Bistro-cahier ( the story ,  all activities , list of vocabulary  page 32 , les marionnettes, songs ...)

Have you children read the story everyday.

Jazakoum allah khairan

French teacher coordinator

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